Efforts for Earthquake Relief

Veröffentlicht am 27.03.2017
FNA would like to be transparent about its activities in the earthquake relief operation that have directly effected many lives and changed Nepal forever. We think this is especially important to retain the trust our generous donors have in put in us. Due to the concerns raised by some of our valued donors, we shall not be disclosing the full details about the donors in this public forum. However, we will be listing the donations obtained every day and the way the money is being used. After the relief operation is over we will post the acknowledgement obtained from our partner organisation working in Nepal. This page will be updated frequently. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions.

 Date Amount of Donation Obtained   Number of Donors
 27.04    365.00 €   6
 28.04  4585.00 €  48
 29.04  9725.33 €  66
 30.04  6040.01 €  57
 04.05  8006.26 €   81
 05.05  5410.00 €   56 
 06.05  2289.00 €  28
 07.05  2230.00 €  25
 08.05  1177.00 €   19
 11.05  7289.41 €  24
 12.05  3215.14 €  23
 13.05  1890.00 €  10
 15.05  1495.00 €  15
 18.05  1074.00 €   10 
 19.05    700.00 €    9 
 20.05  1200.00 €   7
 21.05  6105.83 €    5 
 22.05    732.00 €   4
 26.05    925.00 €   7
 27.05  1500.00 €   5
 28.05  1827.73 €  7
 29.05  1056.00 €  6
 01.06    185.00 €  4
 02.06  6200.00 €  7
 03.06    550.00 €  2
 05.06    129.26 €  2


 75,901.97 €


Local Organisation in Nepal Amount released
 Sano Paila  9000.00 € 
 Help Nepal  5500.00 €
 Teach for Nepal  4000.00 €
 BuCCI / NYEF  4000.00 €
HPRN  3500.00 €
 Clean up Nepal  2000.00 €
 Gham Power   3000.00 € 

Your generosity is making a difference!

FNA and HHF is very thankful to you for your generous contribution. As the scale of the devastation is extremely big we continue to raise funds so that further local organization performing the relief work on the grounds can be financially supported.

Thanks for your generous donation, FNA and HHF have been able to raise € 64,453.98 since April 27 till date. Many hundreds of people in Nepal are suffering a bit less, thanks to you! We still really need your help to ensure that as many people as possible have the shelter, food, light, and healthcare they need as we get close to the monsoon season. Your donation has been used to support 7 different local organizations that are performing excellent work on the field to make a difference in the lives of the survivors of the earthquake in the worst hit areas.

Sano Paila, HELP Nepal and Teach for Nepal is involved in providing immediate relief materials such as food, medicines, hygiene materials and transitional shelter by collaborating with government and other NGOs. BuCCI/NYEF-Butwal chapter is ensuring that crucial supplies that is in shortage in Kathmandu can be procured from India and distributed to the needed region. Hamro Prabidhi:Ramro Nepal is involved in building stronger temporary shelters designed to withstand upcoming monsoon (with heavy rains and strong winds) and cold winter season that tarps/tents might not withstand. Clean up Nepal is involved among other things in providing access to clean toilets which is a must  to avoid water and air born diseases that can come up as a result of open defecation taking place right. Gham Power foundation is providing solar-powered lighting and mobile phone charging stations.


We would like to thank all our partner organisation and their volunteers who have been working really hard on the field. In the coming weeks, FNA and HHF will work closely with all of these organization  to ensure their critical work continues on the ground. We are currently evaluating other proposals for relief work on the grounds for the remaining amount. Since, both FNA  and HHF values the importance of keeping the students in the school we will be using a significant portion of the remaining fund for reconstruction of the schools destroyed.  As new details emerges, we will post them here.

A brief overview of each of the organisation is presented below. Please visit the respective webpages/and facebook pages to get an update on their work:

Sano Paila(A Little Step) is a member-based, non-governmental, non-partisan organization working towards community development in the socially marginalized and impoverished regions of rural Nepal. Committed to redefining the development sector in Nepal, they take a bottom-up approach to development, implementing programs with a mission of “building communities to build the nation”. Through its diverse network at the grassroots level, has identified channels to mobilize support to remote areas at the epicentre of the disaster. Following the catastrophic events, there is more than ever a need for local organizations and the civil society to coordinate with government institutions. After clear communication with the relevant authorities and assessing the needs, Sano Paila has initiated efforts to deliver basic necessities and medical attention to areas that have suffered the most. For more info visit http://sanopaila.org.np/


Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP) NEPAL is a registered Nepali NGO established in 2009 with the aim of improving education in government schools across the Helambu region of Nepal, where government provision is scarce. Helambu region is one of the very far off mountainous regions of Nepal (70 Km NE of Kathmandu). Since its foundation, HELP has worked with over twenty-five partner schools and communities, enabling local communities to engage with education and take charge of their schools. With a mission of ‘Improving quality of education through supporting community based government schools’, HELP is mainly run by local people from the Helambu region which it supports.

Helambu region is equally devastated by two big earthquakes within the period of two weeks. Some 1900 people have been killed and many more injured. HHF and FNA partner HELP in order to provide emergency help to earthquake victims in Ichok VDC, Helambu, Nepal by delivering and/or building emergency or transitional shelter, food, hygiene materials and medicine as needed, and collaborating with government and other NGOs to help building of temporary transitional learning centre(s) (TLC) to allow schooling to begin as soon as possible. Wherever possible, services will be provided to residents of Pading, Solsing, and Dapchung villages, which have schools previously aided by HHF/FNA funds (see facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/solar.for.nepal?ref=aymt_homepage_panel) as well to other surrounding impoverished villages in Ichowk VDC.

Teach for Nepal is an independent initiative of Sarvodaya Shramadana Nepal, a non-profit and nongovernmental organization developed as an independent movement to enhance the quality of education at public schools in Nepal and to bring fundamental transformation in Nepal’s education sector. Given that Teach For Nepal Fellows live and work with the members of community, who have been devastated by the earthquake, Teach For Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake has begun a relief effort to support the communities where they had  their  Fellows in. Teach For Nepal’s priority will be in serving about 5,341 households in Sindhupalchowk and 3,070 households in rural Lalitpur reaching to 8,411 households in the two districts. Fellows will play a critical role in ensuring proper distribution of the relief supplies working with local community leaders. In the short term, Teach For Nepal has launched immediate relief work with the Fellows to supply essential food, water, sanitation and materials required for shelter. In the long term, given that Teach For Nepal works in the schools, our focus will be in partnering with the communities to renovate, and reconstruct schools and create adequate learning environment. Teach for Nepal plans to use the support received from HHF and FNA in order to  help the members of the communities in Lalitpur and Sindhupalchowk districts with immediate relief activities (Food items, water, sanitary items, ORS, candles etc.) and well as temporary shelters. Teach for Nepal has a good presence in more than 112 villages in those districts through their teaching fellowship programs in the government schools and is the right partner from FNA and HHF to reach those communities in the aftermath of earthquake.

Butwal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BuCCI)is a non-profit and private sector representative organisation established in 1953. Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) Butwal Chapter is a wing of BuCCI with aims to promote youth entrepreneurship.In the aftermath of the eathquake, BUCCI/NYEF has been actively involved in numerous earthquake relief activities. However, its core strength lies facilitating organisations and private donors in maximising value for money in purchase of goods from India and help with custom clearance and delivery.

BuCCI/NYEF, together with other local, national, and international agencies, has been involved in procuring the goods which are extremely shortage in Nepal from India, bringing the relief materials to Butwal and then providing the relief materials to organisation which has a very strong presence on the field. BUCCI and NYEF have direct permission from the relevant authorities to import any relief goods from India or from outside India' Direct support from the Armed police force has made their work more smooth and efficient. For more information please visit: http://www.bcci.org.np/

Hamro Prabidhi: Ramro Nepal (Aashraya project) is a nepali NGO with a team of young technical professionals from nepal working in technology dissemination for entrepreneurship development in Nepal. In the aftermath of earthquake in Nepal, they have teamed up with inspiring young architectural engineers from Pulchowk Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal - Association of Students of Architecture (ASA) to design and construct a total of 200 temporary shelters. The shelters are named as ‘Ashraya’ (origin- Sanskrit, Shelter in nepali language) and are planned to be built in some of the most affected parts of the country including Dolakha, Gulmi, Kavre and Sindhupalchowk districts. Since the tents/Traps being provided by the governmental and NGOs might not be unable to shade the survivors them from the harsh climatic conditions of monsoon rain and cold winter season,  Aashraya shelters are planned to be built by mid-June before the monsoon season begins in Nepal. These shelters are designed to last for at least 2 years. In the post rehabilitation phase, these shelters could be used as cattle shed, food storage or as greenhouse (after slight modification).

The support from FNA and HHF are planned be used to make emergency shelters in following regions of Nepal: a) Sanu Siruwali VDC, Sidhupalchowk (10 Households), Kharelthok VDC, Kavre (10 Households), and Khadgakot VDC, Gulmi (more than 10 Households).


Clean up Nepal is a NGO based in Kathmandu that has been working with local communities and relevant stakeholders to improve solid waste management in Nepal. They have significant experience in coordinating grassroot operation in partnership with local actors. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Clean up nepal identified an opportunity to leverage their experience in working with these local partners and stakeholders to coordinate relief response to rural areas.  Their team has been working as first responders in many VDCs in Sindhupalchowk. The feedback from the volunteers was that sanitary issue is one of the primary immediate priorities which other organisations have overlooked. The access to clean toilets is essential to avoid water and air born diseases as a result of open defecation taking place right now. For more information please visit: http://cleanupnepal.org.np/


Once again, thank you all for your tremendous generosity. We still need your help to ensure that as many people as possible have the shelter, food, light, and healthcare they need as we get close to the monsoon season. Please spread the word, pass on this page link, and continue to share generously to help those less fortunate than you. As volunteer organisations we are able to pass on virtually all the funds directly to our field project in Nepal, avoiding typical administrative costs here in Germany.


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